Competition Structure

- Each rider has two individual rounds. Each round lasts 45 seconds in the qualifying and 60 Seconds in the final, all riders has the same amount off time to ride,no matter what class you are in.

- All classes will do there first round before entering the second

- It will be the best round that is counted, if two or more should end up on the same points then ur other round will be counted in aswell.

- Top five from each class in the qualifications will be instantly qualifyed for the final
in Sweden!

- Max amount off participance is 30 people per class.
If one class gets full,you will be put as a reserve,meaning that if somone cant attend
you can have an oppertunity off entering.

- There will be a Riderzone were all participance will gather 5 minutes before they start there round, if you are not inside the Riderzone 5 minutes before you will be disqualified from that round,so if it is ur first round you will still have your second round.

Criteria for assessment of competition

Ø  There will be at least three, max five judges in place.

Ø In a judging panel of five judges, only the three middle points count, counting the highest and lowest points respectively.

Ø The points given by the judges are marked from 1-100 based on HSS criteria that can be read below.

Ø When a rider finishes his round, the judges choose their points. All points from the judges are then counted together to an average score that is then displayed for spectators every 5th round on a monitor.

Judges judge the ranks based on these criteria below, they will be used as a guide to calculate a score between 1-100.

Difficulty level - 25

Ø Trick that's hard to do
Ø Technical tricks
Ø Hard lines in the skate park
Ø High airs and big gaps will also be assessed

Diversity - 25

Ø A round with good variety of tricks
Ø Utilization of the entire park and its obstacles
Ø Use the park in a unique way that other competitors do not
Ø Varied driving

Consistency - 25

Ø Tricks cleared without putting down the foot
Ø A smooth ride with as little crashes as possible
Ø Three points are deducted per failure
Ø No one who has missed one or more tricks should not be able to place 90 points

Style -25

Ø Riders run their round with good self-confidence
Ø Variation in their two rounds and organizationality
Ø Rider performs his round with an entertaining driving
Ø Make the trick look light and floating out

NOTE! Style does not mean park or street, nor do those clothes a rider wear.
It is the rider who makes the trick better and with a good flow that is rewarded with points.

Rules for the Judges

Ø The referee's score is left within 30 seconds after the rider has completed his round.
The points then count together to a total score displayed every fifth round on a monitor, for riders and spectators.

Ø Judges are in a joint place and can openly discuss the riders round.
An elected responsible for Hurricane scooter series will attend and monitor the judges and ensure that no foulplay occurs.

Ø Riders shall be judged according to their driving, not their reputation or image.

Ø Judges shall remain impartial and chosen based on experience.


Ø On Hurricane scooter series, safety is important!
All participants must wear a helmet (certified recommended), suitable shoes and clothes.
The competition has a strict "no helmet no ride" policy.
Should a rider compete without helmet, the rider will be disqualified without warning.

Ø Driving and participating in Hurricane scooter series is at your own risk

Ø Riders is responsible for his or her own health and should not participate if you are ill.
All skiers with previous damage should consult a doctor before participating.

Ø Riders should not drive beyond their limitations.
If the organizer believes that the rider is not in the correct class, they are entitled to move this person to the appropriate class.

Ø All participants and Spectators should ALWAYS follow Hurricane Scooter Series rules and also respect the skate park rules.

Ø Upon registration and payment off entry fee,
all participants agree that they understand and agree to the rules for the Hurricane Scooter Series.
Riders may be asked to sign the rules on the competition day if the notification is made on the spot.

Ø Information on evacuation plan and collection site in case of fire and emergency will be indicated on the respective competition at the entrance.